By HealingWorks, Dec 25 2017 10:03AM

The end of the year is a natural time to review the past and set our sights on the future and with death as our guide this process can be tremendously powerful and transforming. Our own death is an inevitable force which if we are willing to face can support and enhance our life, but we need to be honest and open with it now.

No matter what we do, we will one day die. Death can be either an ally or a trap to our awakening and being in our power, walking our path of life. Society and many people generally fear death and the media can help to support this view. However, as we life our lives in fear of death, of getting old, of slowing down, so we make choices based on this fear which in turn feeds the fear and saps our power.

Death as our guide is not saying we want to die, but we know we will inevitable die, but want death to help us live our lives to our full potential.

This process will take time, it’s not a quick fix. You need to be honest.

End of year review and future plans process.

1. Have the intension of being open and honest with this ceremony.

2. Take a non-working day and clear a space of at least three hours.

3. The first hour, collect flowers (fresh flowers from a supermarket are fine) for the ceremonial room. Clear the space by clapping in the corners, ringing bells or burning smudge with the intension of clearing the space and bringing in love, light, wisdom and compassion. Rest.

4. Second hour, consider you will die in 20 minutes. These are the last 20 minutes of your life right now in these surroundings. Consider your life gradually back to your birth. On a piece of paper write down any regrets.

5. Third hour. Have a non-alcoholic drink. Go for a short walk and look around at life. Back in your room review your list of regrets and shortlist the top four.

6. Using your four regrets to plan your next year and your aims for the future. Give thanks.

7. Mark your calendar for 3 months’ time to review progress.


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