I'm often asked what is Shamanic Healing

By HealingWorks, Oct 12 2018 10:37AM

What is Shamanic healing?

- Looking for what is out of balance at a spiritual level which is manifesting at a physical or emotional level.

- Working with helping spirits looking at the transcended realm and treating people as unique. This means the healing will be specifically for that person and unique to that person.

What are the causes of imbalance?

There are four classic courses of imbalance:

Person has lost power

• Symptoms; chronic depression, misfortune, sense something is missing, never experiencing life as flowing.

Soul loss

• Symptoms; Feeling disassociated, not fully engaged in life, depression, grief that doesn’t heal, addictions.

Spiritual intrusion

• Symptoms; Localised problem such as bad knee, neck etc.

Wondering spirits

• Symptoms; Lack of energy, recurring dreams, cold/ cluttered room in house, arguments in same space of house; regularly losing items in house.

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