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Healing for people and animals

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Welcome to HealingWorks, Healing for people and animals.


In my Shamanic healing practice all aspects of the environment can be helpful, including plant based healing, crystal healing and being in nature.  This allows a whole range of healing approaches to be specifically tailored to the client’s needs.  Healing approaches available:


Reiki, restorative, energerising and relaxing healing, working around the main energy centres (Chakras) and joints in the body to help balance and harmonise the energy flow and support the body's own healing.  Available in person for chair or couch healing at Shades Hairdressers, Minehead, or Glastonbury Somerset.


Shamanic Healing shared by traditional shamans and medicine people together with more recent methods.  Ideal for deeper healing including: energy loss, loss of lifes purpose, trauma, ongoing tiredness, not feeling complete, ungrounded, overwhelmed, needing protection, recurring unhelpful dreams, removing energy blocks etc.  A powerful healing that can help you move forward with your life.  Available in person at Glastonbury and Minehead.


Remote Shamanic Healing as above but available remotely.  You rest on your own chair or bed whilst the healing is undertaken as if you were present in the healing room.  This is a popular choice and one of the benefits of traditional Shamanic healing that, this approach is just as effective as being in the healing room.